About us

BENDIXEN CONSULTING addresses the human resources requirements of client firms, effectively and promptly identifying the ideally suited candidates for professional and executive positions. On behalf of our clients we act as their representative in the market for talent, promising absolute discretion and respect and reflecting the client’s own corporate culture.

We stress in our approach the highest level of professionalism and place value on loyalty, discipline, flexibility, commitment and reliability, the characteristics we have put at the centre of our experience over the years. Our success speaks for an emphasis on our very civilized way of doing business.


Insight regarding human nature, intuition and empathy

  • The establishment of trust as an essential basis
  • The ability to inspire and persuade
  • The promise to find exactly the right candidate for our client

Knowledge of the industry, the relevant skills and the absolute dedication of our team

  • Rapid and effective response to each new assignment
  • Focus on results in our goal-oriented search activities
  • Placements achieved without delay 

Central to the philosophy of Bedixen Consulting is the notion of a community in which clients and candidates are partners in a network united by shared interests. Our team functions as enablers of relationships which are durable and beneficial to all concerned. We pride ourselves on ‘getting it right’.